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To use the Excel plug-in's Formula Builder after having gotten desired data on Capital IQ web platform


One of the most effective ways of using Capital IQ (see the link below) is through its Excel plug-in Formula Builder.  Below are steps for using Formula Builder after having gotten desired data on Capital IQ web platform:

  1. After getting to your desired data page from Capital IQ web platform; e.g.: a list of S&P 500 “Constituents” on Capital IQ webpage.
  2. First click "Company Screening" (located in the 2nd box of the page), and then click the tab "Save as New Screen" tab (now this tab is located on the top of the page).
  3. Now you should give a name for this screen so that the named screen as a file - containing data, in this case a list of S&P 500 companies -  to be used as a basis for coding in order to generate more substantial data within Excel program. 
  4. Open Excel program > click “S&P Capital IQ” Ribbon > click "Screening" button > then “Download Screens” window popups > select the saved screen/file in the list > after the saved CIQ screen opens, click button “Formula Builder” which is located by "Screening" button.
  5. In the “Formula Builder” popup window, try to insert and create CIQ formula of your desire into any Excel cells, so you can pull out financial data from CIQ databases into Excel. 
  6. This is a more effective and efficient way to get larger amounts of data than from Capital IQ web platform.  For detailed instruction on how to use and build CIQ formula in Excel plug-in, please refer to the following two documents:
    1. S&P Capital IQ Excel Plug-in Manual (in pdf)
    2. Capital IQ Excel Plug-in frequently used formulas (in pdf)
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